Welcome To Coloring Workbooks!

We are up and running at Coloring Workbooks and I am so excited to share with you the things we have coming out.  But before I do that, I would love to tell you a little bit about the who, what, where, when, why, and how of Coloring Workbooks.



Who?  Coloring Workbooks is a startup founded by a homeschool mom of four with over twenty years of experience growing her sweet little children into fully functional adults.  (Okay, well one is not quite grown up, but almost).

What?  Coloring Workbooks, that’s what!  So, what exactly is a coloring workbook?  A coloring workbook is a coloring book and a workbook all in one.  Each of our books has a basic structure which includes a coloring page and a workbook page or pages.

The coloring page features the information that you want to learn in an interesting, fun and high energy font style with illustrations that you will truly enjoy coloring.  As you are coloring, mainly the text, you will be learning! How cool is that?  And the illustrations support the text so that as you color them, you will be thinking about what you are learning!  Now that sounds fun… and easy!

The workbook page or pages provide fun activities that keep your mind focused on the text from the coloring page.  This is yet another way to help you retain the knowledge you acquired from the coloring page.  There are all sorts of puzzles and activities in our workbook pages, maybe even some that you have never seen before. Go ahead, don’t be shy, take a look!

Where?  On your computer, and iPad, and mobile phone, of course!  Where else would anyone be in this day and age?  Come on in anytime and browse coloringworkbooks.com.  You are always welcome.

When?  Now, of course!  We will be continuously adding new coloring workbooks, so be sure to leave your email address on my blog page and I will notify you each time a new coloring workbook comes out.

Why?  Well, everybody needs to learn!  And should learning be drudgery?  We say NO!  Of course not!  That’s ridiculous!  Learning should be fun!  It is fun, when you do it the right way.  And we aim to do it the right way!

How?  It’s Easy!  Just go to our Store (using the menu bar on the top right of any page on our website).  Select a book or books and then click on the ‘purchase’ button.  Once the transaction is completed, click on the provided link and a PDF file will arrive instantly in your computer’s designated download folder.  Save it.  Print it.  Grab your colored pencils, gel pens or crayons and let the coloring and learning commence!

Happy coloring!