About Coloring Workbooks
What is a Coloring Workbook?

A coloring workbook is a coloring book and a workbook all in one, which combines creative right-brain and logical left-brain learning to build a powerful and lasting memory.

Each of our verse sections has a similar structure that includes a coloring page and a workbook with activity pages.

The coloring page features the information that you want to learn in an interesting, fun, high energy font style with illustrations that you will truly enjoy coloring.  As you are coloring, mainly the text, you will be learning and more importantly remembering because your attention is focused on the text!  Illustrations support the text so that as you color them, you will be thinking about the text!

The workbook pages provide fun activities that keep your mind focused on the text from the coloring page.  This is just another way to help you retain the knowledge you acquired from the coloring page.  There are all sorts of puzzles and activities in our workbook pages, maybe even some types that you have never seen before!

Who can benefit from a Coloring Workbook?

Anyone who likes to color and learn will enjoy Coloring Workbooks products, though they are designed primarily for middle schoolers and up.

What is the recommended way to use Coloring Workbooks?

Coloring Workbooks’ Bible Memory books are designed as a simple and enjoyable way to memorize and apply scripture. They can be used independently, alongside curriculum or in a Sunday School or Bible Study setting.

Each scripture entry includes a coloring page followed by two workbook pages. Each coloring page contains a bible verse to color. The workbook pages are designed to reinforce the memorization of the verse and aid in its application through questions, activities, recitation, written work, and discussion.

There is a Review section and a Test section at the end of the book. Additionally, Scripture Memory Cards are available at the back of this Coloring Workbook.

By using any of Coloring Workbooks’ Bible Memory books three times a week for approximately 30 minutes a day, you will be able to complete any Coloring Workbooks Bible Memory book in about 4-6 weeks. You can, of course, adjust the schedule to fit your needs.

How can I get a Coloring Workbook?

It’s Easy!  Just go to our Store (using the menu bar on the top right of any page on our website).  Select a book or books and then click on the ‘purchase’ button.  Once the transaction is completed, click on the provided link and a PDF file will arrive instantly in your computer’s designated download folder.

Save it.  Print it.  Grab your colored pencils, gel pens, or crayons and then let the coloring and learning commence!



.Coloring Workbooks AuthorAbout The Author

Hi, my name is Kirsten.  I am a wife, homeschool teacher, and mother of four with three boys (including a set of twins) and one girl.  By the grace of God, my boys are all attending college on academic scholarships and are also NCAA athletes.  My daughter developed an extremely painful nervous system disorder called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) after being injured in a gymnastics accident.  After overcoming many obstacles, she was recently named a National Merit Scholar.

I have been homeschooling for 20 straight years–so in homeschool mom years that’s 47 years of combined teaching experience.  Whew!

My boys have all left the nest to attend college and my daughter will be joining them next year.  So, I am an almost retired homeschooler.  Yes, it’s sad but true.

We have had such a great time homeschooling that I don’t want it to end.  Plus, after dedicating most of my adult life to my children, I will have a lot of time on my hands… a LOT!  🙂

For the last year or so I have been thinking about what I am going to do with all of my extra time once my daughter leaves for college…

Throughout my decades as a homeschool mom and teacher, I have always been interested in developing more fun ways to learn.  The challenge has always been to simultaneously engage my children in both left-brain (logical) and right-brain (creative) learning.  Over the years I have developed quite a few ‘tricks of the trade’ through seemingly endless trial and error.

So, armed with all of that experience, an idea was born… Coloring Workbooks:  the fun of coloring combined with enjoyable workbook activities.  Learning and fun in one!

Welcome to my website.  We will be adding new titles and subjects regularly, so be sure to enter your email address on my blog page to receive instant notification as new products are born.

Happy coloring!